URGENT MESSAGE to iPad 12.3.1 users

RESOLVED ON 17-07-2019

Dear Spectre users.  This message is targeted towards users who are using fairly newer iPads, more specifically those who are running iOS version 12.3.1.

Apple has made a significant change in the way files are stored on the device since that iOS update, and we at Spectre failed to identify this when releasing out latest update on the App Store.  Several users have reached out with concern since their data has “disappeared”.  No fear however, the software is simply looking in the wrong directory and cannot find the database, so there has been no data loss.

We have since posted an update to the Apple AppStore, however we are still currently waiting approval to go Live.  This patch will point the software to the correct data source.

Here are some VERY IMPORTANT POINTS if you have experienced your data disappearing.

  1. DO NOT, DO NOT, DO NOT uninstall and reinstall the app.  In doing so, you delete all files and folders pertinent to your data and it will be impossible for us to get it back.
  2. Run a DropBox backup before updating Spectre to its newest version, this is a good precautionary method.  Which is also a very good practice I hope most users are doing at least every week.
    • If your data has disappeared, and you have a recent backup that you know is good.  You can simply restore it and ignore this message all together.

      (Settings Section, bottom left corner)
  3. If you are reading this and have yet to check your tablet and it has updated automatically, please sit tight for the next 24-48h as our next upcoming update will fix this issue.  Again, the patch has been posted to the AppStore, we are simply in the approval process with them as with any new version we submit to the store.

This bug has been isolated to version 12.3.1 of iOS.  If you are running anything else, such as an older iPad with iOS 11, Android or Windows, you will have no issues what-so-ever with our newest version.  Enjoy!

Lastly, if you have any questions about this or anything else in our app, please feel free to reach out to us in our contact form http://www.spectrebowling.com/feedback or also on our Facebook page.  Both Luis and I (Mark) are trying our best to answer as promptly as we can to insure everyone’s satisfaction.

The release of version 2.0 has been long awaited.  The response at Bowl Expo was tremendous and we hope you enjoy the boost in performance, but also some of the new “little” features that we threw in there.  We will be posting new “How-To” videos on our YouTube channel tomorrow and more to come in the upcoming weeks.  Oh, and don’t forget that we now have the possibility to share data between devices with our new PRO membership.  All info is at http://www.spectrebowling.com/pro

Thank you everyone for taking the time to read this urgent message.  We are sorry for any panic, confusion or frustration this might have caused you and your clients, it is an honest oversight on our behalf and we have been able to pinpoint the problem and rectify it as quickly as possible.  Our sincere apologies and we hope you continue to enjoy and use the app to make your proshop life more efficient!


Mark Buffa and Luis Rodriguez – Spectre Bowling.