Hey there, thanks for being a PRO member and being a faithful user of Spectre. We have launched a new browser-based platform that will surely make your life that much easier to manage your data. Now, truly on-the-go.

Benefits of using Spectre Cloud.

  • All major web browsers are supported. Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge.
  • Any device that supports one of those browsers listed above can now run Spectre.
  • Multiple devices can be used on the same account.
  • Mobile (smartphone) friendly use.
  • Immediate data replication to our cloud server.
  • No need for backups.
  • No fear of breaking or losing your device.
  • No more AppStore purchase and updates.

As you can see the advantages are clear. We will continue improving and developping on Spectre Cloud with added features coming soon.

Spectre Cloud Introduction

Existing Spectre PRO members (monthly fee)

For all existing Spectre PRO users who are already paying the yearly or monthly fee.

  1. Gather your credentials for your existing PRO account. If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it here.
  2. Head over to cloud.spectrebowling.com. Login using your credentials.
  3. We STRONGLY SUGGEST that you stop using the App version of Spectre now.
    Please uninstall your app to avoid Synching. It is no longer required in Cloud.

Current Spectre users with standalone data
(1 device only)

If you have one installation of Spectre and DO NOT PAY MONTHLY OR YEARLY for the PRO membership, please follow these steps.

  1. (IN APP) Run a backup of your data. Settings > Backup.
    Follow the steps at spectrebowling.com/backup
  2. (IN BROWSER) Sign up for Spectre Cloud.
    Open your favorite web browser ON THE DEVICE YOU PLAN ON USING.
    Head over to: cloud.spectrebowling.com
    Click the “NOT A MEMBER” button and fill out the form.
    You will need to book an appointment for one of our technicians to grab the backup in Step 1 if your app crashed during the backup process. We will need to login to your device to extract the data. This is a 10 minute process and we will need remote access to your device. Please follow the steps in our support section.
  4. (IN APP) Click the green PRO button on the left side.
    Login using the same credentials in step 2 above.
    Wait for the data to port over to our cloud server. This can take several minutes if you have a large amount of data and photos.
  5. (IN BROWSER) Your Cloud account should already be open in the browser at this point. Once Step 3 is completed, simply refresh your browser window and you will see data.
  6. You can now uninstall the app version of Spectre from your device. This will help avoid any confusion on your part, now that your data is secured on the cloud.

Brand new user with no existing data.
Welcome to Spectre!

Welcome to the proshop world and welcome to Spectre. You are starting off on the right path to no longer use paper, use an efficient calculator and the best tool in your proshop by far! This is the simplest integration of them all. Follow these steps to getting started.

  1. (IN BROWSER) Sign up for Spectre Cloud.
    Open your favorite web browser and head over to: cloud.spectrebowling.com
    Click the “NOT A MEMBER” button and fill out the form.
  2. You are now signed in! Bookmark the page and save your credentials for easy access. Login to as many devices as needed.
  3. Goto the Settings section and set your preferences. Please keep in mind that these settings are saved PER DEVICE and not PER ACCOUNT.
  4. Enjoy 😉