Thanks for choosing Spectre for your pro shop logging needs.  Here is a list of questions that we often receive concerning the sale or use of Spectre.  Please contact us if you have any questions or feedback.


  • I am an existing Spectre App user, can i move towards the Spectre CLOUD?
    Yes, please see our guide, everything is detailed there.  Note that Android users will need to schedule a call with one of our technicians to port over the data.
  • What devices can Spectre CLOUD be used on?
    Any device with a web browser.  Older iOS versions such as iOS 12 might experience issues.
  • How many devices can I have logged into one account?
    As many as you’d like 😉  Note that all system settings belong to each device.
  • I’d like to cancel my subscription with Spectre but would like to reactivate at some point.
    That’s fine, in the Profile section, you can manage your payments.  Once your account is inactive, you may still login with read-only permissions and consult your data at no cost, however you won’t be able to create new clients or spec sheets until you reactivate your payment.


  • Where can I buy the Spectre App?
    It is available on all popular app stores.  The Apple App Store, Google Play and Microsoft Store.
  • When I search for Spectre Bowling on the app store, it doesn’t show up.
    Spectre Bowling is available for TABLETS ONLY.  If you are searching on your phone, it will not show up.
  • Do I have to buy Spectre Bowling for each tablet
    If you are using the same App Store ID on all tablets, you can download it as many times as that respective App Store permits.  Usually, this is 10 devices.
  • If I purchased a new device, do I need to buy Spectre Bowling again?
    If you purchased the same type of device, no, just make sure to use the same App Store ID on the new device as the old one.  If you switched from say Android to Apple, then yes you will need to purchase Spectre Bowling again.  The respective App Store manages the sale and distribution.
  • What devices are compatible with Spectre Bowling?
    If your device has access to the App Stores listed above, you can purchase Spectre Bowling.  We recommend any device that has an 8″ or larger screen.  The better the device, the better the performance.
  • Which languages are available in Spectre Bowling?
    Currently our app is available in English, French, Spanish.  If you would like to see it available in your native language, we are open to getting some help 🙂
  • Is a trial version available?
    Yes, for Windows only.  A 30 day free trial is available.
    There isn’t a free trial for Android or Apple unfortunately.  However, we invite you to purchase it and we will guarantee your satisfaction within the first 30 days or your money back (Please make sure to keep your invoice).
  • Is there a charge for the updates?
    All updates are free.  Check back with the App Store from time to time for periodical updates.  We strive to continuously improve the system thru feedback from our community.  If you find any bugs or possible improvements, please contact us.


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