Spectre App

The App version of Spectre is in “Maintenance” and will no longer be updated. It will remain in the app-stores for existing users.
Search using a larger device such as iOS iPad or Android tablet. Also compatible for Windows 10+ devices.


Patch Notes

v 3.103

Previous patch notes at this link VACU Toggle One of the most widespread questions we have received since the beginning of Spectre has been “How do you log VACU inserts?”. …

Job Board Plugin

Spectre Cloud is now introducing Plugins. This will allow you to customize your Spectre experience. We will be adding in optional new features into the software that will be added …

v 3.095

Previous patch notes at this link Globalized Settings Originally, Spectre Cloud stored the Settings per device. This created some issues with a recent Chrome, Safari and Firefox update. Therefore, we …