Thanks for considering Spectre Cloud for your bowling pro shop.

Spectre was first introduced as a stand-alone app in 2017, where all your data was stored locally on your device. This caused several problems with users having data loss from broken devices, stolen devices and also lack of compatibility with all devices under the sun. This is what lead to the development of Spectre Cloud.

Spectre Cloud leverages the use of everyone have a web browser at their disposal. Smart phone, tablet, laptop, desktop, basically any device that has a modern web browser will be able to access their data. Please follow the steps below to get started.

Signing up!

  • Click the “Cloud Login” option in the menu above or login to
  • Click the “Not a member? Sign up” button

Trial Account

Contact us to gain access to a test account where you can play with Spectre Cloud and see the benefits for yourself before purchasing.