Version 1.1.0 – Patch Notes

v110 now available

Hey there Spectre Bowling users.  Thanks to your feedback, we have made some significant improvements which should help you save more time, gather more data and be more efficient behind your drill press.

List of improvements in v.1.1.0

  1. Language packs
    • Improvements have been made to the translations both in French and Spanish across the entire platform.
  2. Improvements to the Export and Printout.
    • 4 latest ball pictures in arsenal section
    • Notes section is now available on printout
    • Larger oval cut section
  3. Improvements to the spec sheet screen
    • Ability to name a spec sheet
    • Notification icons in the Notes, Pictures and Spec Sheet history, allowing you to easily see if something is populated in those tabs
    • Ability to clone a spec sheet, making it easy to now document a change/test you’d like to do with a client without having to recreate a brand new spec sheet from scratch!
    • Time stamping each spec sheet by Creation Date and Last Update Date
  4. Improved Settings
    • The settings tab has always been the force of Spectre, we will keep improving this as we continue to evolve.
    • Backup capability has been improved
    • Measurement increments now available in 32nd+ and 64ths
    • Higher PAP and Span range values, now from 1″ to 7″
  5. Improved overall performance
    • Minor bugs fixes and a code cleanup make the app more responsive and easier to use.

Since initial launch many of the bugs have been addressed in this latest version.  If by any chance you are experiencing any difficulty with the current version, please update to this latest version and keep us posted if you discover anything along the way.