Bowl Expo 2019 – What to expect!

Bowl Expo 2019 is just around the corner and we are getting ready!

Spectre users have been growing since our launch at Bowl Expo two years ago. Thank you, thank you, thank you. We since have continuously improved and are anxious to show off our new baby to the bowling world.

Since it’s inception, Spectre has housed it’s data directly on the device being used. We released later that year a backup/restore capability using the popular DropBox cloud platform. This had been a good option to securely save your data off-site or for swapping your data to a new device, however it had it’s limitations. With increasing demand from cloud storage services to improve their security, this made us have to jump thru several hoops everytime DropBox had made a change to their API, making it frustrating to troubleshoot. Hence, our new Cloud platform will be a good resolution to this.

During our first Bowl Expo event, we took in so much appreciation, but even more feedback. One of the principle concerns was to share data between shops or between devices. This is what we have been striving for for sometime now. And it is now close to being a reality. At the Sole Society Lounge event on Tuesday July 25th, we will be demonstrating it’s capabilities LIVE on-site alongside our friends at Dexter and Turbo. Please sign up at the link below to get a chance to see your first glimpse of our new platform!

Lastly, because of this new functionality, we have had to reprogram Spectre from the ground up using a new framework. This new framework is performs much better, giving you a much better user experience as well as a couple of new features. The future possibilities are much broader now with this new code-base. However, with this change comes some limitations to older devices. The new version 2.0 of Spectre Bowling will only be available for Apple iOS tablets versions 11 or higher, Android Tablets versions 5 or higher and Windows 10, 64-bit machines. We will be introducing versions for Chromebooks and possible Fire tablets in the near future, although our current focus is on the PRO version to be launched for Bowl Expo.

Again, come visit us at the Sole Society Lounge or on the showroom floor at Booth 695 for a LIVE demo, we will have many tablets for you to play with!
Thanks for choosing Spectre to manage all your proshop data, safe travels to Vegas 😉

Sole Society Lounge event - July 25th South Point, Las Vegas