2.1.17 Patch Notes

Since the launch of version 2, we have had lots of comments and feedback. Since our initial release, this is our first big patch that addresses some details that will improve your efficiency with the software.

Please make sure to check for updates in your specific AppStore if the update did not get done automatically.

List of items for in 2.1.17

  • Manual cuts bug has been fixed. In original version, there was a bug where you couldn’t change the V and H cuts, only one of them. This is now resolved.
  • In the client list view, you can now click on the “page” icon to go directly to the last created spec sheet on file for that client.
  • If your tablet or computer is in any other language that the ones supported by the software, it will now revert automatically to English by default.
  • Search feature in the client list has been improved and is practically instant to load
  • In the Settings, when selecting “Pitch Measurements” in “Decimal”. Both fingers and thumb are now displayed in decimal, where as before it was just the fingers. Also, the PDF printout now displays exactly like the screen.
  • In the Settings, Drill Press Calibration has been revised. There were calculation errors in some cases, we have fixed the math.
  • In the Settings, the new function for “Pitch Measured – Edge or Center”, we have revised the math there too.
  • DropBox Backup, is no longer DropBox specific on iOS and Android. The latest version of this now uses the machine’s file management system to allow you to now specify where you’d like to save your backup. This is a step in the right direction as working with a third party was very difficult lately. This issue is now resolved and will allow for greater ease of troubleshooting as well.
  • New button for Android File Share. For Android users, by clicking the “Android File Share” button, the entire database and picture folder will be exported to your file system, allowing you to take the files and do with them as you please. Again, this is a great feature for troubleshooting on our end as well, and very easy backup on your end.
  • Spec Sheet history sorting. The list of spec sheets on file for a specific client is now sorted by Created date descending. In previous versions it was sorted by date updated which was changed every time you opened the spec sheet, making it confusing to know the visual chronological order of the list.

Upcoming items

We value everyone’s feedback and as you might have noticed, this latest version is very bug-centric, meaning that we didn’t add many features. Our internal list of items to improve on is growing weekly, and we appreciate your feedback to help improve Spectre.

Thanks for choosing Spectre in your proshop. Please make sure to read the FAQ section if you have any questions or concerns, or you can also write us.