2.1.33 Patch Notes


Spectre Bowling is your solution to better spec sheet and client management for your proshop.  Through continuous testing and customer feedback, we have made some improvements that will surely help you use the software more efficiently.  Below is a list of bug fixes and improvements you will find in this latest release.

Bug Fixes:

  • Windows image capture from file resolved and now works
  • Printout fixes and improvements
  • Spec sheet image gallery sync resolved and now syncs will all devices linked to the PRO account
  • Spec sheet notes section typing function fixed and rich text now syncs with our PRO service
  • Spec sheet history now sorted by Updated Date in Descending order
  • Arsenal Delete button now resolved and working


  • Oval calculation:  Now have an option to calculate cuts in either 5 degree increments or 1 degree increments
  • Windows camera capture, you can now swap between cameras
  • Improvements made to the sync process for the PRO account membership.  Larger databases now transfer quicker, as well as small updates to the database are handled much quicker. (First step towards data migration from other software packages)
  • More details in the SETTINGS section for Thumb Oval cuts, Drill press calibration and Backups.

Upcoming items

We value everyone’s feedback and as you might have noticed, this latest version is very bug-centric, meaning that we didn’t add many features. Our internal list of items to improve on is growing weekly, and we appreciate your feedback to help improve Spectre.

Thanks for choosing Spectre in your proshop. Please make sure to read the FAQ section if you have any questions or concerns, or you can also write us.