v 3.065

Hello Spectre Cloud users. This latest version has a ton of new features. Make sure to read these carefully, as there might be one or two new functions that are something you’ve been wishing for 😉

  1. Ability to calculate ovals using a difference, given in thousands
    • In SETTINGS, turn your Oval Width Calculator to 0.000
    • This will change the oval coordinate of OVALWIDTH to a new field called DIFFERENCE
    • In here you will be able to type the difference that you’d like.
      • Ex: 29/32 by 0.090 @ 30 degrees
    • This algorithm follows the same calculations as we have in the past
    • This addition is a popular request from many of our users
  2. Search Bar improvements
    • You can now search by typing the entire name of your client
    • The search now uses a relevance technique, allowing for ease of use with regards to special characters and accents
  3. Drill bit sizes in thousands
    • In SETTINGS, change your display values in Decimal
    • Now you will see the drill bit sizes with their decimal equivalent in the dropdown.
  4. Arsenal Layout improvements
    • Addition of 2LS and PAL layouts
    • 2LS and PAL will only be available if you flagged your bowler as being two-handed or thumbless
  5. Dashboard improvements
    • Fixed bug regarding the calculated %’s
    • Fixed popular grip sorting
  6. Ability to add a thumb OFFSET to the spec sheet
    • Allows the user to input a center line offset, measured in inches.Dropdown values are in 1/16th increments
    • This value has no auto-suggestion attached to it, it is simply for noting the OFFSET
  7. Updated logo for “Spectre Bowling Software
  8. Profile Page
    • Added the Manage Payment link
    • Ability to add custom contact information (will be usable in upcoming patch for printouts)