v 3.074

Previous patch notes at this link

We are proud to have added some new quality-of-life features in this latest version. Some need to be activated in the SETTINGS, others are a global change and will not require any action.

Arsenal: Ball Photo Crop

Taking a picture of the drilled bowling ball was always a challenge to center within the square. We now made it easier to do so.
Cropped ball

In Windows: See video

  • Take a picture using the camera
  • You will see a round circle in the picture frame. Center the ball within that circle.
  • This will only keep what is inside the circle and will delete the background.

In Android and iOS devices: See video

  • Take a picture using the camera
  • Confirm that picture.
  • Center the picture by pinching the photo until it aligns inside the circle.
  • Confirm the crop.

Finger Pitch Illustration in Dropdown

We added a visual representation of finger flexibility when selecting finger pitches for a FINGERTIP grip only. This is a feature requested from our HOTS classes, when new ball drillers have a hard time understanding how to properly pitch the hole based on finger flexibility. IBPSIA HOTS manual reference

5/16th Rule: Auto-Suggestion

Another great request from our ball drilling classes is the ability to do the 5/16th math to calculate the ring finger +/-. This is often something that is forgotten by the students, this auto-suggestion is a good aid for the notice fitter and has a link to our glossary for ease of use. For complete glossary listing, click here.

This suggestion can be found in the SETTINGS. By default, this feature is turned OFF.