v 3.095

Previous patch notes at this link

Globalized Settings

Originally, Spectre Cloud stored the Settings per device. This created some issues with a recent Chrome, Safari and Firefox update. Therefore, we were forced to assign those settings to the user account. This will also allow for ease of use inside your organization. We will be working on an option in case you do want more of a user based Settings option. This will come in future Plugin releases.

Watch YouTube video here.

Plugins – Job Board

Spectre Cloud is now introducing Plugins. This will allow you to customize your Spectre experience. We will be adding in optional new features into the software that will be added to your monthly subscription.

The first of these plugins is called the Job Board. This will allow you to attach services to a bowling ball in the bowler’s arsenal. This will give you one of two things. One, a history of all services done to a ball. Two, a global to-do list for your staff to know what is due at a certain date. Below are all the instructions to get started.

  1. Sign-up
    • Goto Settings
    • Scroll to the bottom, you will see the Job Board bubble.
    • Click “Add to Subscription”
  2. Add your list of services.
    • Goto your Profile (top right of the screen, your proshop name will be listed)
    • Scroll to the bottom and add your services and prices to that list.
    • Use your proper currency symbol and choose if you want prices to be listed or not.
  3. Start adding services to balls that are you on your “to-do” table.
    • Open the client in question
    • Open the ball they left for you to work on.
    • Scroll down and click “Create Job”
    • Select the services that the client requested of you. Ex: Resurface and Detox.
    • The total $ amount will add up. You can always adjust that total amount if you have a verbal agreement with the client, just change it in the text box where the total was written.
    • Add notes as needed.
    • Add a due date for the global Job Board listing.
  4. See all “pending” jobs.
    • In the Spectre Menu, select Job Board
    • Here you will see the global list of what is to be done.
    • This list is set on a timer to auto-refresh.
      • Our intent was for you to have this screen open on another device in your proshop where the work is to be done, so it can be refreshed as it is entered in the shop show-floor.
      • In the Plugin settings from step 2, you can set the timer as you wish. To turn it off, set it to 0.
  5. Complete jobs.
    • When jobs are done, complete them.
    • Open the ball by tapping on the global list item.
    • Select COMPLETE JOB.