v 3.103

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VACU Toggle

One of the most widespread questions we have received since the beginning of Spectre has been “How do you log VACU inserts?”. Our answer was simple, just adjust the O.D. (Outer Diameter) of the insert. We finally decided to do something quick and easy to improve this flow.

    • You will now see two (2) new settings in the SYSTEM DEFAULTS section of the SETTINGS.
    • First is your automatic default setting. Do you want the system to give you STD (standard outer diameter) or VACU (larger outer diameter) when creating a brand new spec sheet.
    • Second is the default increment from the original insert OD. Example, a Turbo Quad 25/32 is 31/32 OD. You always do your VACU installation 1/16’s larger, which is 1 1/32. We offer 4 suggested increments, pick the one that suits your style best.
  2. Spec Sheet
    • When creating a new spec sheet, the flow will follow what you had written in the settings.
    • When inputting an Insert Type and Insert Size, you can click the STD/VACU toggle button to automatically increment or decrement your OD values.
  3. Existing Spec Sheets
    • Existing spec sheets will have the STD/VACU toggle blank. Unfortunately, this addition had us create some new fields in the database and we decided to leave the existing specs alone, so you’ll have to touch up as your clients walk in.

LH Easier Identification

Based on user feedback, we made a very quick addition to the Bowler Profile. When selecting a LEFT HANDED bowler, that selected button will now display in RED, making it easy to identify that you’re dealing with a LH bowler.

VH/HV Settings for Ovals

Spectre has always displayed the oval bubbles as V on top and H on the bottom. However, the modern digital readouts will usually ship with X on top and Y on the bottom, creating some confusion when using Spectre.

You are now able to flip those values in the SETTINGS.

Bowler Search Improvement

Another widespread request from our userbase.

Originally, we intended to do a search as you type, similar to most modern search engines. However this was rather slow and created more frustration than anything.

We have now implemented a basic improvement where you now have a SUBMIT and RESET button for the search field.

Date Drilled

With new users coming to Spectre Cloud daily, we had a request to add a Date Drilled field in the Arsenal page.

Previously, the date would default to today’s date and you weren’t able to control it at all. Now you can adjust the Date Drilled date when creating a new ball in the arsenal.