v 3.133

Previous patch notes at this link

v3.133 adds a lot of quality-of-life improvements to the existing feature set. Nothing new is being launched in this version.

Improvements to Auto-Save (again)

Smoother than ever! We caught some bugs in the last release, and we cleaned them all up. Auto-Saving in the Notes sections for the Spec Sheet and in the Ball page are improved in this release.

Visual Improvement

In order to maximize the look and feel of our software across all platforms and devices, we have made a slight change to the layout of the Oval Cuts and Arsenal Preview which can be found on the right side of the screen in desktop view, and at the bottom of the scrolling page on mobile or portrait.

Arsenal Preview: The preview used to be scrollable from left to right, and you would only see one ball at a time. The fact that some users will look at this information on their mobile device, made it apparent that we needed to change the scrolling direction to top-to-bottom. Also, we now only preview “Active” balls and the list is sorted by “Date Drilled” descending. On desktop view, this section has been moved to the bottom to make use of the empty real estate if you don’t use the oval calculator

Oval Cuts: Nothing has changed in the way this is displayed or calculated. We simply moved that section on top of the Arsenal section, moving it closer to the spec sheet itself.

Search Improvement

Several changes have been made to the search bar and the sorting of the results.

Submit Button: When using a keyboard, the “ENTER” key would not do anything in previous versions. This is now fixed.

Search Results: When typing in a full name, the results would match a % of the search result, giving some odd results at times. We have cleaned up that algorithm and search results are now also sorted by lastname + firstname + phone number.

Zero pitches now display on spec sheet

In past versions, if you manually put 0 pitch on any digit, it would not display on the spec sheet. This is now rectified. If you enter 0 pitch, it will now display.