• Contact list, similar to what you already use in your phone
  • All the bowlers’ technical specs in a single window:  PAP, Axis Rotation, Axis Tilt, Speed and Rev Rate
  • Now your entire client list can be found in one simple-to-use app
Bowler Module
Bowler Module – Manage all your clients using Spectre

  • Lose the spec sheet stack!

    • 2 input types
        • Left pane = Follow the flow
        • Right pane = Click and go

      Lose the stack of spec sheets with Spectre
      Lose the stack of spec sheets with Spectre

  • Complete spec sheet history for each bowler (1 bowler to many spec sheets)
    • Complete spec sheet history
      Complete spec sheet history, date and time stamped

  • Auto-Suggestions – this is where the app shines!
    • According to IBPSIA reference material
    • Use auto-suggestions to make your data entry that much quicker
    • Check out our “How-to” videos which explain the differences of each of these options.

      Customize the app
      Customize the app based on your ball drilling preferences

    • Oval Calculation
      • No more math, cuts given to you in 32nds
      • Trapezoidal cuts and taper cuts are now a tap away
      • Oval Thumb expandable panel
        Oval Thumb expandable panel

  • Still like taking paper notes?
    • No problem, you can snap multiple pictures of those notes and append them to the Spectre spec sheet in the system!


  • Know what your clients have in their bag without them bringing their equipment to the shop
  • Perfect use of the tablet’s camera to document what you’ve drilled for them over the years
  • Associate a spec sheet to each ball, this way you know what you did to that ball!
    Arsenal List View

    Arsenal Ball Full View