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The core value of Spectre is to be able to do the data entry process WHILE you measure you client. This is where the auto-suggestions show their strength. The first of which is the Pitch Suggestion.

When selecting your bowlers full span, you can then measure their thumb flexibility. After, you’d probably reference the IBPSIA thumb flex vs. span chart. This is embedded into Spectre when you turn on this suggestion.

When the full span and thumb flexibility are input, the system will reference the chart below and auto-populate the forward or reverse pitch fields. You can always overrite the suggestion.



CLT or Center Line Tilt is used when a bowler has alot of tilt when their hand lays in the bowling ball. You will notice that the fingers aren’t in line with the center line when their hand in is in the ball. If the bowler has excessive hand tilt, we suggest using a CLT. This will change the lateral finger pitches automatically based on the degree to which the hand lays on the ball.

CLT is measured in two ways. It is most commonly measured by the distance from the CLT to the centerline at the top of the thumb in inches. For example, a common CLT number is 1”. It can also be measured by the angle between the normal centerline and the CLT at the fingers. A common angle is 16 degrees.

Spectre uses degrees to display CLT. If you choose to measure from the top of the thumb hole, we suggest you use the OFFSET field.


When this is turned on, if you switch a bowler from RH to LH, the lateral Pitches will automatically flip. The default is 3/8 LEFT and 1/2 RIGHT for a RH Bowler.

When switching to a Left Handed bowler, these values will flip to 1/2 LEFT and 3/8 RIGHT

Auto-CLT works in conjunction with this auto-suggestion

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