Bowler Type

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In Spectre, there are 6 bowler types to choose from.


One-hand player that uses their fingers and thumb to grip the bowling ball.


Player that chooses to habitually hook the ball in the “opposite” direction than their bowling hand. A right handed player hooking it like a typical left handed bowler or vice-versa. This is very important to identify since the PAP will be on the opposite side of their grip.

Full Roller

This is where the bowler will typically roll over the fingers and thumb with a “normal” layed out bowling ball. This can be fixed with coaching and also by performance fitting your client (not as effective as coaching). Typically if your bowler has a full roller track, we would suggest doing a full-roller layout on the bowling ball, causing the flare lines to miss the holes and roll in-between the fingers and thumb. The term full roller comes from the circumference of the oil track that matches the circumference of the bowling ball.


Very popular today amongst the pros and the youth. A two-handed players will measure their PAP from the center of the bridge between the fingers. There are some other types of bowling ball layouts that are available for 2-handed bowlers, 2LS and PAL. When selecting this in Spectre, you will now see those two layout types when adding a ball to that bowlers arsenal.


Very similar to the two-handed ball roll. PAP is found in the exact same manner as listed above. Same goes for the layout types. A Thumbless player is basically a two-hander style but only using one-hand.

Helicopter Spinner

A style of play mainly used in Asia. This style of player has a very high tilt and very high axis rotation. They will typically bowl with lighter weight balls (10-11lbs) and play deflection more than penetration of the pocket. Not seen very often in Europe and America.

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