Version 2.1 now available!

After a very successful event at the Sole Society Lounge (with our friends at Dexter and Turbo) and Bowl Expo, Spectre Bowling for iOS, Android and Windows tablets and PC’s has just launched version 2.1.  

With this version, we started from zero and rebuilt the app using a completely different framework with the same look and feel our users love from the original version.  This gives existing users a bump in performance and gives us the developers, a wider range of possibilities for the future of Spectre.  In this new version, you will also find several other enhancements listed below.

  • Photos can now be taken from the devices photo gallery or file location.
  • Bowler list now displays number of balls in arsenal and number of spec sheets on file.
  • Bowler list is in alphabetical order by last name.
  • Arsenal is now sortable by drag and dropping ball in the correct location
  • Arsenal List View now allows for balls to be turned ON/OFF
  • Spec sheet notes section is now a rich-text formatted window, allowing to use different font size, colors, bullets and much more in your notes to make them as obvious as possible.
  • Oval calculation now takes several new settings into account.  Please consult the Settings section to dial-in your oval calculation preferences.
    • Vertical + Horizontal calculation
    • Horizontal only calculation (Ovalmatic or Ferrari Jig)
    • Option to add pitch into the oval calculation
    • Option to change the +/- settings based on your drillpress

Lastly, version 2 of Spectre Bowling now includes a cloud membership service in our new PRO subscription.  Sign up using the PRO button in the menu panel or head over to our website  The PRO version now allows multi-shop or multi-press proshops to share data between devices.  Also, just like any other cloud membership, you now have instant backup of your data off-site, making a damaged tablet a worry of the past! The PRO subscription is 20$ USD per month or 240$ USD per year.

Spectre Bowling is your solution to eliminating the stack of spec-sheets in your proshop.  Our Auto-Suggestions and Custom Oval Calculation make data entry quick, easy and more efficient than pen and paper. Spectre Bowling is available in all your favorite App Stores. iOS (for iPad only, iOS v11 or higher), Google Play (Android v4.4 or higher and 7″ of larger tablet) and Windows Store (Windows 10) for 69$ USD.

Please visit our FAQ page if you have any questions about our app, or reach out to us by e-mail.

Thanks for choosing Spectre Bowling for your proshop.