Welcome to Spectre CLOUD.

As an existing PRO member, we would like to welcome you to our new cloud portal. Please start in the settings and ensure everything is setup the same way you liked in our original version of Spectre. There is a video link on the top right of the SETTINGS section, if you need more explaining for certain settings. Please contact us with any questions. Thank you for using Spectre Pro Shop Software.

Updates in Cloud vs. App experience.

  • UI
    • Brand new user interface.
    • Easy to see all data in one window
    • Usable on all types of devices that have modern browser support
    • Smartphone and small tablets visible in portrait only for larger viewing
  • Bowler
    • Fixed track tangeant measurement to translate to axis tilt degree measurement
    • Added recommendations in plain english for certain axis tilt measurements
  • Spec Sheets
    • Addition of the -/+ symbols in the pitches (see settings to turn on)
    • Oval calculator can now calculate H moves only. (see settings)
  • Arsenal
    • Addition of a notes section
    • Added 2LS layout system
    • You can now select a layout type from the ball itself