v 3.124

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Auto Cut-to-Cut

Since inception, we have always been very proud of our auto-suggestions, that make the data entry process alot quicker and also aid novice ball drillers in removing the need to reference charts posted all over the wall of your proshop. This new addition “Auto Cut-to-Cut” falls inline with that.

When drilling thumb-first, most novice ball drillers will forget to subtract the thickness of the inserts to arrive at the total Full Span Measurement. Our new feature will help save them some grief. This will also improve your efficiency when doing your data-entry while measuring your client.

How it works:

  • By default, we turned this feature OFF to not mess with existing users and their current workflow. If you would like to benefit from this, please turn this ON in the SETTINGS.
  • Simply populate the FULL SPAN, INSERT TYPE and INSERT SIZE and your cut-to-cut measurement will populate automatically.

Insert Type : No Inserts

In past months, there has been a bit of confusion with some users regarding how to populate “insertless” players.

We have cleaned up the existing visuals, however the flow is exactly the same.

You will now see a default “NO INSERTS” value when creating a new sheet. When NO INSERTS is selected, you will see values for OVAL and HOLE SIZE in lieu of OD and INSERT SIZE.

This simply makes the visual aspect of Spectre match the way we used to do it. We hope this removes some confusion.

Lastly, the C for “Cut-to-Cut” will be hidden when NO INSERTS, since you can’t do a Cut-to-Cut without inserts… so we follow the normal progression of what can and can’t be possible.

Hole-To-Hole Span Measurement

With the advent of interchangeables and also tour players using what they call “cut to cut” for the services on the truck, the reality is that cut-to-cut has always been defined as full span minus the insert wall, therefore to avoid confusion we are naming a new field called Hole-To-Hole.

Thoughts with this would be the 1 1/2 hole to the 31/32 hole for a typical drilling using inserts and an interchangeable.